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'Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.'

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What is the Cornerstone Movement? Cornerstone concept: we get to know God, and understand why He created us by knowing more about ourselves and others and to love. 

Created in God's image, each of us holds a glimpse of God within us.

We learn about others by learning their stories, their experiences; one can understand one's self better through a deeper understanding of our own experiences and responses.

We witness to each other how and when God has moved in our life  And how the yes to God, made our life change. All to the end of becoming everything that we were created to be. 

You are unique, your life is unique, and God made you thus because he has a plan for you.  Cornerstone is a tool to help you become God's will for you, and attain salvation in the process.

Ministries and Service Cornerstone Alumni of Greater Ossining area are involved in:

...I would learn that the most worthwhile thing is finding God in the students that I teach, in the sick that I visited, in my successes at helping others to seek God in their own lives, and in my failures to serve God as faithfully as I desire...

Mark Mossa, S.J.


Cornerstone Alumni Association, Inc.  The organization for ALL who have been touched by Cornerstone. 
     Everyone who completed the 26-hour Cornerstone Retreat is considered an Alumnus.  However, Official membership has benefits.
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  • Official Membership is for men and women who have lived the Cornerstone experience. (More to come.)

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Live the life God meant you to live.

Cornerstone is a wonderful beginning to leading the life that God mean you to live.  You will meet neighbors and make lifelong friendships; you will associate with like minded people who have the same values as you, values based in the Word of God; you will go out and do God's work with these people, sharing the love of our Father through service to those in need.  And in the doing, you will find that your own needs will me filled.

We've listed some ministry ideas to the right.

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